We offer a complete design process. From initial ideas all the way to manufacture.

Our Design Process

This design process is the framework we use to create the ideal solution and tackle any challenge along the way. This framework enables us to effectively support all the sectors we work in; including medical, healthcare, commercial, and much more (see Our Work). The key steps are Research - exploring possible solutions and working with stakeholders to establish a robust Product Design Specification; followed by Design - all aspects of engineering to bring the solution to life. The design process is split into four main stages, all of which are complementary or can be worked on individually:

Our Design Services

GBE's design services are divided into five complementary areas, they can be integrated and tailored to suit your precise requirements; you will find examples within Our Work. The close collaboration between all departments and recent additions to the GBE group, Wildtrax Electronics (now officially integrated into GB Electronics) and GB Logical (Bespoke Software Design), enables full control of the project as it comes to life. Having all services of the design process in-house provides efficient project management from initial specification, prototype testing to final verification and manufacture. All design work and validation is carried out under our Quality Management System, which is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.